Allotment is a programme of events and an online research blog exploring the relationship between food, politics, performance and society. 

The project looks at how we are socialised through food, its value, politics and distribution, as well as social agendas and economics that both dictate and are delineated by supply and demand in the food industry. Cultural connotations associated with food, ritual and mealtime culture time are explored through participatory interactive dinners, discussions and talks. Each event is themed on current issues involving food and society and this informs the framework for research, discussion, menu and interactive activities.

The project was triggered by a chance conversation. Evy Jokhova was running an artist-led workshop at a London primary school, when a 9-year-old boy proclaimed to her that “meat comes from Tesco’s” with immense certainty of the fact. This very suddenly made Evy aware of the extent of the changes in the relationship to food, landscape, production and culture that urbanization and technology have brought on. Soon after Evy put together a programme of events that explored the themes of hierarchy, rationing, landscape, social construction and revolution. These themes formed the start of the Allotment project. Considering food as a fundamental building block through which social systems, cultures and societies are (in)formed, the project employs interactive participatory events as a research tool.

The project is intended to be as open as possible, functioning outside the fine arts sector as well as within it, and is set it up as an open community for people interested in the relationship between food, politics and social structures. Allotment has recently worked in collaboration with SALT Gallery (Istanbul, Turkey), Florence Trust (London), and Griffin Gallery (London).

The core Allotment team are: Evy Jokhova, Viviana Bianchini, Selin Ilgaz, Lucy Bradley
Guest contributors have included: Amanda Couch, Tessa Alexis, James Metcalfe, Sun Ae Kim


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