Allotment #10 – White City

We are delighted to announce that our next event, a commissioned collaboration with Griffin Gallery, will take place at Griffin Gallery on Wednesday, September 23, at 6pm.The dinner will explore the food history of the Notting Hill area. Imagine a long table set as a timeline from 1865 to 2015. From Victorian soups to Spanish and Caribbean flavours, where would you sit?

The evening will start with a 35 minute curated film programme showing clips of documentaries and films made in and about Notting Hill and will be presented with guest contributors that include researcher Viviana Bianchini and artist Tessa Alexis. 

Allotment #10 will trace the changes in demographic and general food type availability over the period spanning from 1865-2015 in the Notting Hill area, taking into account changes brought about by war, economy, migration and policy. The event is hosted during Chudamani Clowess exhibition, ‘White City’, that focuses on stories of displacement and the history of cultural representation in the area around Griffin Gallery situated between Notting Hill, North Kensington and Holland Park. 

This will be a ticketed dining experience open to public, with half of the proceeds from tickets sales going to Notting Hill Housing. Notting Hill Housing’s purpose is to provide affordable housing for residents of London; they have been doing so since they started as a local voluntary organization in 1963. Tickets are available through Griffin Gallery here.


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