Allotment #8 – Revolution Dinner

Saturday 15th November

talk about Slow Food movement in Turkey by Defne Koryürek

SALT Gallery, Beyoğlu, Istanbul

Revolution is manifold, it can be a violent reaction, an abolishment of past values, objectives and social norms, a quiet and constructive change in the face of progressive reforms, an industrial and technological revolution, a culinary revolution embodied by molecular cuisine, or personal revelations such as new and previously unexperienced flavours, an agricultural revolution brought on by demand, change of tastes, return to former values or reactions to economic needs and constraints. The dinner will be hosted in Istanbul the cultural capital of Turkey, a country that has gone through great change in its recent history through the post-Ottoman reforms of Ataturk and currently finds itself at a time of change once more.

The Revolution dinner, held at SALT Gallery, Beyoğlu, is a collaboration with Gastronomika and Defne Koryürek. Gastronomika is a non-profit public program hosted by SALT Beyoğlu to reposition the gastronomic, visual and audial narratives of the Anatolian cuisine and carry out research on Anatolia with its teams focusing on “Kitchen”, “Design” and “Research”. Our guest speaker, Defne Koryürek is the founder of a local branch of Slow Food movement: ‘Fikir Sahibi Damaklar’. The dinner will be presented as a banquet comprising dishes tracing the history of the city’s food donated by restaurants in Istanbul. The dishes will trace the Istanbul cuisine from its foundations, through the Ottoman period to modern-day Turkey and Turkish influence on global fast food. 

Guests will be invited to delve into the symbolism, cultural, psychological and historical associations of food as well as its links to revolutionary movements and the bodily form. We will be considering the themes of change, in particular social change and the precursors to a need for change. Exploring excess and moderation, community engagement and social patterns, examining how these link to global events, trends, economics and weather patterns.

This event is free and has been made possible through kind donations of many restaurants and individuals living in Istanbul. The full list of collaborators and supporters will be available at the event.

If you are interested in joining us in Istanbul for the event please email us on and we can provide you with further details.


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