Allotment #6 – Hierarchy. The Food Price Index Dinner

Hierarchy at FT

Friday 18 July at 7pm The Florence Trust St. Saviours’ Aberdeen Park N5 2AR

The last dinner in Part 1 of the Allotment programme will look at the hierarchy, prices and distribution of food. Set in the beautiful Florence Trust guests are invited to a collaborative dinner set according to the prices of food products. One side of the table will host cheaper food groups such as potatoes, bread and various corn based products, gradually increasing in price along the table, vegetables, fruit, fish and meat will be found towards the other end. We invite you to join us in playing a few rounds of food trivia and eating your way up the food hierarchy ladder. Dishes will include: assorted breads and dips, potato salad, hummus, frittata, vegetable and barley stew, roasted root vegetables, a variety of pasta dishes, assorted salads, vegetable stew, chicken stew, charcuterie boards, grilled fish and meat, selection of cheeses and of course something sweet.

Further information on the event:

The FAO Food Price Index* is a measure of the monthly change in international prices of a basket of food commodities and lately it has been rising again. Some studies suggest that the timing of the Arab uprisings was linked to global food price spikes, and that prices will soon permanently be above the level which sparks conflicts. Underlying the food inflation is a huge increase in the price of wheat and corn. Recent climate changes have had an influence on this and Russia’s wheat growing region has suffered the worst drought in 100 years. Elevated food prices have been hitting hardest in poorer countries where people spend more than half their income on food. Fear of food shortages in turn sparks the hoarding instinct, governments and individuals start stocking up their larders and scars food products become even scarcer.

The Florence Trust, situated within the Trust’s Grade-1 listed neo-gothic church, offers twelve-month studio residencies each year to a small number carefully selected artists. Florence Trust alumni have gone on to exhibit in museums and galleries around the world and their work has become part of major international public and private collections.


* The Food Price Index consists of the average of five commodity group price indices, weighted with the average export shares of each of the groups for 2002-2004. The five commodity groups are: meat, diary, creaks, vegetable oils and sugar (


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