Allotment #5 – Dinner with Sun Ae Kim

Saturday, 28th June 2014

London-based Korean ceramicist, Sun Ae Kim, draws inspiration from 18th and 19th Century Staffordshire pottery and European ceramics to produce painted porcelain figurines and tableware.

Theatre, performance and the consumption of food, tea and alcohol are notable themes in Kim’s work. Ceramic figurines were used traditionally in many European households as conversation starters at the dining table. Kim took this convention a step further for her Royal College of Art degree show installation, ‘Since Eve Ate Apples, Much Depends on Dinner’ (2010), where ceramic plates, bowls and candlesticks, whose surface paintings told stories of courtship and marriage, were presented in the style of a four-course banquet. In this work the two purposes of the ceramic pieces served during the mealtimes, as conversation-starting centrepieces and as frames or containers for food and liquids, melted into one another: the consumption of stories became synonymous with the consumption of ceramics.*

Our dinner with Sun Ae Kim will look to ask how did English ceramic figurines depict images of everyday life in history and how can contemporary everyday life be interpreted visually through ceramics? Please join us for an evening of traditional British food and exquisite ceramics. Expect Victorian inspired dishes, a fine selection of finger sandwiches, a roast, Eton Mess and jelly.


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