Allotment #4 – Foraging

Saturday 7th June, 12pm

We will be going out foraging in North London to show you the edible goodies that grow right under all of our noses, but ones we know little about. Guided foraging trips in London have become ever more popular recently and this is because there really is plenty to find and forage for in your local park, heath or wood. Spring is the season for wild garlic, dandelions and nettles amongst other things, all of which have been part of the English diet throughout history, and in many cases can grow right on your doorstep. Our foraging trip will take place on the Parkland Walk and in Highgate Wood, followed by a collaborative cooking session at Allotment HQ and a film night of short and feature films on foraging put together by Viviana Bianchini and Evy Jokhova. 

A possible menu for the day could include:

nettle frittata or nettle risotto; wild garlic salad; nettle soup; salad with dandelion leaves and flowers; wild garlic and hedgerow pesto; fresh nettle tea.

The event will explore sustainability and dependency in relation to food; traditions of foraging tips and knowledge passed through generations and social aspects of food gathering.


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