Allotment #3 – Food DIY

Join us for Food DIY – a collaborative meal extending on the concept of a pot luck dinner and looking on what the metropolis has to offer us. 

Foragers, scavengers and DIY gardeners will be discussing how to best make use of city living and how the metropolis can be reinvented as a large garden and fruitful land.

Guests are also encouraged to bring a DIY dish with them for others to share and have dinner with us on Hampstead Heath. This can be an old family recipe, home smoked meat or fish, pickles, pestos, pates, dips, cured meats, etc. Food memories and recipes are also very welcome!

This event is free and relies on your participation.

If you would like to contribute in making a DIY food for the dinner but do not have a recipe – let us know and we will post you one from our collection.

This collaborative dinner experience will ask questions such as: why cook when someone else can do it for us? Does meat really come from Tesco? Is cooking difficult?The dinner discussion will look to explore the origins of food, understanding source, product and flavour, preparing food as a key life organisation skill, self-sustainability, DIY cooking processes as cultural heritage and new technologies in food.The dinner will be accompanied by readings and articles. For updates follow us on Twitter here.

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