Allotment #2 – The Portion

The Portion: a collaborative dinner

Wednesday 26th March 2014 at 7.30pm

Clerkenwell, EC1M


The Portion – a three part meal, talk and open discussion held at the home of trader and avid traveller Sarah Gammoh, will explore norms and normativity, asking the questions: how much is too much, how little is too little, who sets the norms and how have these changed over time?

This collaborative dinner experience will be looking at topics such as food shortage, rationing, demand and supply, dieting, religious rites and fasting, over consumption, dietary changes due to environmental issues and government enforced food regulations. Participants will be invited to collaborate in making their meals by trading, bartering and exchanging components of the meal with their fellow diners in order to create their suppers. The menu for this meal will look to ancestral traditions in vernacular Western cuisines – to our grandmothers who could make five meals from one chicken!

Expect to barter and outwit your fellow diners for some warm chicken salad, crostini with chicken liver pate, clear chicken broth (famed for its medicinal and restoring qualities) and, of course, roast chicken and potatoes. Vegetarians will be fully accommodated with options such as ricotta and broad bean crostini, polenta, caponata and butternut squash risotto. Accompanying beverages will be provided, but these too will need to be bartered for.



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