Allotment #0 – Reflection on Digestion

Reflection on Digestion – a performance dinner by Amanda Couch was the pilot event for the Allotment project held on Tuesday 17th December 2013
Facing the onset of the Winter festivities, gluttony, over consumption, alcohol-fuelled misunderstandings and emotional disputes we invited guests to slow down and reflect on the processes of consumption, digestion, sharing and eating as part of a community.
‘Reflection on Digestion: A Performance Dinner’ was a participatory performance dinner by Amanda Couch that reflected on the process and image of digestion through food and language. The event was presented in six chapters, four of which were gastronomic dishes prepared from the alimentary canal: tongue, stomach, liver and intestines. The feast was served alongside the presentation of a text. By reflecting on the direct experience of eating alongside historical and contemporary narratives of digestion, participants and host – Amanda Couch, literally and metaphorically ruminated on the processes of ingestion, digestion, subjectivity and on embodied ways of knowing.

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